Zak Bond | Dallas-based Drum Set Artist
Zak Bond | 50 Rudimental Puzzles for the Modern Drum Set Artist Cover

50 Rudimental Puzzles
for the Modern Drum Set Artist: Vol. I


  • Better stick control, sound control, dexterity, and command over your playing
  • Controlling a wide range of tempi
  • Those who desire the ability to read and play any rhythm put in front of them

This book is intended to address all of these points by broadening your rudimental vocabulary, strengthening your internal clock, and helping develop a strong drumming foundation while providing fun, rhythmic puzzles for your brain to decipher.



Zak Bond is a professional musician, passionate artist, and committed educator. His 30+ years in the music industry have taken him to over 50 countries. His professional career began as an orchestral percussionist. He gradually evolved into a marching specialist and a masterful drum set artist who embraces all genres of music. His tenure as a member of the drum corps community spanned 12 consecutive years, where he aged out with the Concord Blue Devils and went on to perform in the Broadway hit production Blast!

With two decades of theme park entertainment experience for the Disney company, Universal Studios Inc., and Sea World Entertainment, Zak has been an integral component in dozens of productions as a performer and composer. As a successful clinician and a dedicated educator, his sought-after master class and workshops, sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation, have impacted drumming communities throughout the world.

In addition to running his production company out of Tokyo, Japan for more than a decade, other accolades include an honorary Doctorate from the Universidad National De Musical, as well as features in media outlets around the world, including Rolling Stone Magazine. He shares his passion for music by educating and inspiring the next generation of musicians, most notably through his prior affiliations with the accredited Tokyo School of Music. Currently based out of the Dallas area, he holds the drum chair for Blast!, as well as the top-40 band Time Machine, playing 300+ shows per year. 


Zak is proud to endorse and use products created by Yamaha Drums and Electronics, Zildjian cymbals, Promark drum sticks, Evans drum heads, and REMO percussion. His current gear list includes:


  • Yamaha Tour Custom Maple
  • Yamaha Stage Custom Birch
  • Yamaha Bop Kit
  • Yamaha Sensitive Series Snare
  • All Yamaha hardware


  • DTX Multi 12
  • EAD10
  • DTX902, DTX702, DTX502, DTX400
  • Zildjian Gen16


  • 14" A New Beat HH
  • 8" A Custom Splash
  • 12" K Splash
  • 18" A Custom Crash
  • 18" A Fast Crash
  • 21" Custom Organic Ride
  • 18" Wuhan China


  • Promark
Zak Bond Blast bridge drums